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Layton Energy (LE) is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Houston, TX. Layton Energy was in the process of raising capital through a private placement memorandum and needed to improve their existing website and marketing materials. SKYLINE MOVEMENT was engaged by Layton Energy President, Daniel Layton, to provide a wide range of marketing consulting and design solutions.


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  • Layton Energy Successfully Completed a $15 Million Capital Raise
  • Engaging Cover for Private Placement Memorandum
  • Professional, Easy to Read Print Marketing Materials
  • Easy to Navigate Website with Secure Investor Relations Portal


SKYLINE MOVEMENT worked with President, Daniel Layton, to provide a ful-service of marketing consulting and design solutions.



“A Commitment to Excellence” is LE’s mission and we felt they deserved the same.  SM conducted extensive research that included multiple visits to onshore facilities and offshore platforms.  We worked directly with Layton Energy executives and management to learn about the industry and LE’s approach to E&P.  The knowledge gained through this process helped us to communicate LE’s brand in all print and digital marketing initiatives.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing is a widely under-utilized and misunderstood practice within the energy industry.  Most of the successful E&P companies existed before advent of the Internet and the majority of their websites and marketing materials are a generation behind current practices. SM invested the time and resources necessary to communicate the reasoning behind our recommendations.  Our suggestions were successfully implemented and LE continues to rely on SM for all of their marketing consulting and design needs.

Print Design

SM designed LE's private placement memorandums, offering highlights, newsletters and other print marketing materials.

PowerPoint Design

SM designed all of LE's PowerPoint presentations used for by investment professionals.

Photo Editing

SM provided a variety of photo editing services that included cropping, retouching, color enhancements and color changes.

Website Consulting

SM consulted LE on the content, features and functionalities their new website should contain.

Website Design

SM created a clean, professional design for the new LE website.  On the homepage we incorporated a vertical pan of the image used for the PPM cover. We also incorporate a subtle transition from black and white to full color and the appearance of the tagline, “A Commitment to Excellence”.  For the interior pages we incorporated images that exemplified Mr. Layton’s proud Texas heritage and upstanding reputation.

Website Development

SM developed the website to have broad browser compatibility.  We also incorporated a secure investor relations portal for LE's partners.

Website Management

SM continues to maintain LE’s website on an as needed basis.


SM assisted LE with writing of the copy for all of their print and digital marketing collateral.

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