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No Limit Expeditions


No Limit Expeditions (NLX) is an overland adventure travel company that uses customized Land Rover Defenders to host expeditions throughout North and Central America. Owners Angela and James Brown engaged SKYLINE MOVEMENT to help turn their dream into a reality.


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  • Engaging Corporate Identity
  • Successful Launch Campaign
  • Multiple SOLD OUT Expeditions across Central America and North America
  • Internationally Trafficked Website
  • Top Organic Search Rankings
  • Consistent E-mail Newsletters to Subscribers


SKYLINE MOVEMENT worked with Angela and James Brown to create every aspect of the NLX brand.



SM worked directly with the owners to assist them with all aspects of their branding.  We immersed ourselves in researching the International market surrounding overland adventure travel.  What resulted was a great appreciation for the tremendous investment of time and capital it takes for the owners to pursue their dream and a drive for us to help them achieve it.  We incorporated their passion into every aspect of their branding.

Marketing Consulting

The core audience for the services NLX provides is an International group of unique individuals.  For NLX to be successful we had to reach new audiences that had never considered overland adventure travel as an option.  Using the NLX website as the primary hub of communication, we launched a successful marketing campaign that combined grassroots word-of-mouth marketing, social media optimization, search engine optimization and e-mail marketing.

Logo Design 

Based upon an initial sketch by owner James Brown, SM created a logo for NLX that effectively conveyed their brand to an international audience.  We have since created several derivative works for use in a variety of physical and digital applications, including window decals, vehicle decals and apparel.

Photo Editing

SM performed extensive photo editing for NLX including retouching, color enhancements and addition of logos.  The vast number of sharp edges on each vehicle made this process extremely time consuming, but the end result made a powerful, positive impression on potential customers.

Sound Effects

Owners Angela and James Brown requested a custom sound effect to play when visitors arrived on the homepage.  The diesel engines of the Land Rover Defenders have a unique sound when they start.  Their desire was to combine this sound of the engine turning over with background noise from the jungle.  SM layered 6 tracks together at different intervals to create the finished piece.  The resulting sound effect exceeded our client’s expectations.

Website Consulting

SM consulted NLX on all aspects of their new website.  The clients brought unique requests and we collaborated on how to meet their goals.  The recommendations we made through our website consulting services influenced the website design, website development and search engine optimization which were successfully delivered.

Website Design

Our goal was to give visitors the sense of rugged hard lines of the Land Rover Defenders combined with the “traveled” design elements of the NLX logo.  We used a textured background and added lighting effects to draw the visitors’ eyes towards the content.  The orange highlights and hyperlinks stand out against the dark backdrop and tie in perfectly with the NLX Logo.  The custom navigation tabs add a 3-dimensional design element that compliments the site and easily allows viewers to know what area of the site they are currently viewing.  Owners Angela and James Brown continue to received positive feedback on the quality of NLX's website.

Website Development

SM developed to have broad browser compatibility.  We incorporated several unique functionalities, such as a custom interactive map and the ability to follow NLX anywhere in the world through their SPOT satellite messenger. A companion version was developed for Apple mobile devices to optimize the experience for visitors using iPads and iPhones.

Website Management

SM continues to provide NLX with website management services that includes adding vehicles, destinations, photos, copy, etc.


NLX wanted the ability to update the content in the news and expeditions portions of their website in real time, from anywhere in the world. SM developed implimented a content management system (CMS) that gives Angela and James the ability to add new pages with text, photos, videos and links through a simple WYSIWYG editor.

Search Engine Optimization

SM designed, developed and deployed an SEO strategy for NLX. The results reach potential NLX customers that are searching for the services that NLX provides, but do not know that NLX exists. The website continues to receive international visitors from a wide range of organic search results.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has played an important role in the success of NLX. When designing and developing the website, we incorporated custom links to NLX’s Facebook and Twitter profiles on every page. NLX has seen consistent growth in the followers on both platforms. 

E-mail Marketing

SM incorporated an e-mail database solution that enables visitors to voluntarily submit their e-mail address and receive updates about NLX news and expeditions. The e-mail submissions have remained consistent and the e-mail marketing initiatives have continue to be a powerful tool. NLX regularly books every available seat on their expeditions.

Domain Name Registration

SM researched available domain names and made the suggestion to use due to it’s shortened length and ease of communication in verbal, text and graphic applications. The audience has since embraced the url often times referring to the brand as "No Limit X".


SM continues to host the NLX website and e-mail accounts.

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