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PES — Web
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Platinum Energy Solutions, Inc. (PES) is an innovative oilfield service provider headquartered in Houston, TX.

As PES was about to embark on their first round of financing in late November of 2010, they engaged the services of SKYLINE MOVEMENT.  SM successfully delivered a full suite of marketing and design solutions that included branding, logo design, print design, website consulting, website design, website development and search engine optimization.


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Platinum Energy Solutions successfully completed $135 million of financing within four months of the new corporate identity and website launch.


SKYLINE MOVEMENT delivered a unique, engaging suite of creative services that communicated the vision of Platinum Energy Solutions to investors, partners and energy industry clients.



SM thoroughly researched the industry in which PES was engaged. We conducted extensive meetings with the executives and board members to flush out the vision behind PES and what identifying attributes made them unique.

This crash course provided SM with a solid foundation upon which the creative marketing & design solutions were built and successfully delivered.

Logo Design

SM designed a logo for PES that captured the essence of PES’ core mission to provide the energy industry with state-of-the-art technology and solutions.

The PES logo SM designed made a positive first impression with investors, partners and clients. The logo is prominently displayed on all equipment, uniforms and communications.

Print Design

SM handled the print design for PES, which included personalized business cards, digital letterhead and office signage.

SM also created a custom world shale gas map that highlights the current known shale gas reserves.

Website Consulting

SM consulted PES on the design, features, functionalities and navigation of their new website.  The recommendations we made through our website consulting services influenced the website design, website development and search engine optimization which we successfully delivered.

Website Design

Being an information driven website, SM designed the new PES site to have a clean professional look and feel, which allowed the logo and content to be the main focus.

Website Development

SM developed the new PES website to have broad browser compatibility.  The Website maintains all design elements, features and  functionalities when viewed on mobile devices; including the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Upon completion of the $135 Million round of financing, SM designed and developed an investor relations portal that enables investors to see up-to-date filings through a secure username and password.

Website Management

SM continues to provide Website Management services for Platinum Energy Solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

SM designed, developed and deployed an SEO strategy to reach an international audience searching for the unique products and services that PES provides. Our SEO strategy has continued to maintain high organic search engine results. Within the first six months of launching the new PES website, the site had been visited by users in 56 countries.

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