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SGL — Web
SGL — Web
SGL — Web
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SGL — Web
SGL — Web


"Something's Gonna Live" (SGL) is a documentary by Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Daniel Raim. 10 years in the making, "Something's Gonna Live" is an intimate portrait of life, death, friendship and the movies, as recalled by some of Hollywood's greatest cinema artists.


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  • Engaging Custom Design Inspired by the Art of the Film's Main Characters
  • Easy-to-Use Navigation
  • Website Visited by Entertainment Industry Leaders, Distributors & Film Critics
  • Consistent Voluntary Email Submissions


SKYLINE MOVEMENT worked directly with filmmaker, Daniel Raim, to design and develop a new custom website for "Something's Gonna Live". The new SGL website launched in conjunction with the film's premier in New York City and Los Angeles.



SGL is an  homage to Hollywood’s glorious days, when story was the star and each frame of film had purpose.  SM conducted extensive research on the film’s main characters and the films they created.  We worked directly with the director and executive producer to evoke the film’s message and incorporate it into our branding and design initiatives.

Website Consulting

SM consulted SGL on the content, features and functionalities their website should contain.  The recommendations we made were implemented into the website design and website development services we successfully delivered.

Website Design

While watching the film, we were inspired by the process the main characters used to create the rectangular boxes where they drew their storyboards.  We decided to use this method to design the framework of the new website.  Using a textured background, we created custom lines to resemble that of a marker.  The challenges came on pages that contained larger amounts of content and required the page to extended in vertical length.  The finished product that we ultimately delivered reached all of our intended objectives and exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Website Development

SM developed the new SGL website to have broad browser compatibility.  The textured background and custom framework required additional development time, but the finished product was worth the extra investment of time and resources.

Website Management

SM continues to provide SGL with website management services on an as needed basis.

E-mail Marketing

SM’s e-mail database solution was integrated to enable visitors to voluntarily submit their e-mail address and receive updates SGL news and information.

Social Media Optimization

SM incorporated links to SGL's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts onto every page.  SM also integrated a "Share" functionality that enables visitors to easily share the SGL website with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

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